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For those looking to go all out, this is the one for you. Told in our ‘Short Form’ style and using the very latest equipment and techniques the Hollywood package presents the day in a very unique way. More short film than wedding video, it’s where we get to tell the story of you in a truly stunning way. Using audio elements and time shifting techniques we edit the day in our cool cinematic style, carefully piecing together all the key moments of your story in a very contemporary way.

A pre wedding shoot is also included, its where we go to a park or somewhere special to you and get a few shots of you walking, having fun and just being yourself. We get you to be comfortable in front of the camera These shots are later layered into the main wedding film narrative, it doesn’t take to long and can generally be coordinated with a meeting & final run through at the same time. We also offer our signature love story as part of the package, its a lovely snapshot in of itself and again provides amazing footage to craft the finished film and the optional save the date video

With a bigger crew we are with you from first thing in the morning ’till midnight capturing everything we need to tell your story. But why stop there, why not add a same day screening of the film so your guests can watch a sneaky the same day it was shot. Its an extra, priced at £395 but worth it to end the day’s festivities.

Don’t worry, you still get the entire ceremony, speeches, first dance and uncut guest messages on a separate disc but we guarantee the this version is the one you keep coming back to. All this and more for only £1995.

We only film a limited amount of these a year as they take a long time to produce so book now to avoid any disappointment.


Don’t be deceived, its harder than it looks to craft and a much longer edit than our traditional wedding film. We also include a social media friendly version you can securely download and share online with friends and family, in full HD.

The Hollywood wedding video package is cut above the rest, filming with a two man crew, using up to 5 cameras gives us the advantage of multiple angles during the ceremony, speeches and throughout the day, giving us much more options when it comes to editing the finished DVD. We arrive early in the day to film some gorgeous shots of your venue using our time-lapse techniques and our Steadycam and Glidetrack equipment, something exclusive to the Hollywood package (Drones Coming 2016). As our signature package it provides you full coverage from the bridal preparations all the way through to the very end of the evening. You will also have the advantage of having us document both the bridal preparations and the groom in the pub. Two cameramen will also allow us to film you departing the church as well as arriving at your reception venue, something a one camera crew simply can’t do.

Ultimate ‘Marryoke’ is included, if you’re brave enough, along with the hilarious and often touching guest message montage, recorded throughout the day. You also get a vintage photo montage showing the two of you growing up, a save the date video hosted online for your friends and family to see, movie style opening and closing credits and a love story film. The Hollywood package also includes a digital version of your wedding on a USB stick and as a digital download.

We only book a limited amount of these films due to the time needed to produce them, phone or email now to book your dream wedding film.

email: info@movingmediafilms.com    Phone: 01438 722634    Mobile: 07708 959191