Cannes £1395


The Cannes wedding film package is where we start to get really creative. Although presented in a linear chronological order, we trim the entire day down to about 20-30 minutes in length, showcasing the most important bits of the day. Nothing super important is ever taken out, perhaps the hymns in the church or a particularly long sermon from the Vicar. These are all expertly trimmed out to make the film flow better and are probably the bits you would skip forward though anyway.

Don’t worry, you also get a bonus DVD with the entire ceremony, speeches, first dance and all your uncut messages on, so you are not missing out. The uncut disc is meant for yourself and close family with the 20-30 minute movie version the one you show your mates.

You will have the advantage of multiple angles throughout the ceremony, speeches and first dance, giving us much more options when it comes to editing the finished DVD. If there is a balcony or high vantage point we’ll set up a remote camera there, leaving us to concentrate on the close ups and action going on down below. This is our most popular package and gives you a high quality wedding film with great all day coverage from the bridal preparations all the way through until the first dance or 9pm. If you want us to stay longer to capture the evening’s entertainment then you can add this on as  an optional extra.

We include everything you could ever need for an amazing wedding film in EVERY package and the Cannes is no different. If you want to have a go at a ‘Marryoke’ then an ‘Extended’ version is included FREE, along with guest messages recorded throughout the day. Moving Media are the market leader in Marryoke, having perfected it over the past 3 years only need a small amount of time on the day to get it filmed, leaving you more time with your guests. You will also get a movie style opening credits introducing the main ‘cast’ of the wedding film as well as an online downloadable version of your wedding highlights or ‘Best Bits’ hosted on our Facebook page as well as the DVD. The Cannes package also includes a digital version of your wedding, best bits and marryoke on a USB stick. All this and more for only £1395