Marc & Emma’s International Marryoke

Two hundred degrees, thats why they call me Mr Fahrenheit………..

When Laura, Emma’s sister called and pitched her idea of a surprise marryoke I immediately knew I had to film it. The idea was simple, shoot Emma’s friends and family performing Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen and then get relatives from overseas to send in some of the lines which I would then edit into the finished film.

Skip forward six months and just a few days before the wedding I was still tweaking the video, making sure it was perfect for the screening at Marc and Emma’s stunning wedding in France. It was worth it, everyone was blown away and it was a complete hit with all who saw it.

Tracy & Paul – It must be love

I’d been looking forward to this marryoke for a while. From the bridal preps all the way through to the first dance (and final marryoke performance) Tracy and Paul’s friends certainly didn’t disappoint. When you have a stunning Bride, a very dapper Groom, some very cute page boys in top hats and a bunch of gorgeous giggling bridesmaids all willing to rock the song you know you are onto a winner.

Also included as part of their ultimate marryoke package is a first dance highlights video, lovingly intercut with the very best highlights of the wedding day itself.


Jane + Andy

I must admit, I had my reservations about this song and on the morning of the wedding when it started to rain I was more than a little concerned. Fortunately I had my portable green screen studio on hand and once the couple had belted out the first of many performances, I knew something quite special was on the cards. Having a green screen meant that I could film everyone against it, replacing the backgrounds later for a more pop video look or to drop in a few background shots of the venue I grabbed in between showers.

The final video speaks for itself. Outstanding performances from the Bride and Groom, along with the best man and assembled guests has made this one a firm favourite, so kick back, click the full screen button and enjoy it in glorious HD along with their first dance wedding highlights.