Michelle & Del’s Marryoke

‘…………two hundred degrees, that’s why they call me Mr Fahrenheit’ – Freddie Mercury

Well OK, it wasn’t that hot but boy did it feel it. Filmed last Friday on what was then the hottest day of the year, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ was a great choice for a marryoke and one i’d been wanting to do for a while. We had just 40 minutes to film everyone once the photographer had finished but we managed it in style, thanks in part to a certain guest singer who dressed the part, embodying the great Queen frontman with style and panache.

Michelle and Del were the first of our marryoke competition winners, a lovely couple and a joy to film, along with their ‘crazy’ friends and family. Best wishes to you both for a long and happy marriage.

Claire + Richard – The Marryoke

Grease is always a popular option when it comes to song choices for a marryoke and Claire and Richard didn’t disappoint. ‘You’re the one that I want’ was an inspired choice and with knock out performances from both the bride, groom, friends and family it was a great way to kick start the 2013 wedding season.

Claire + Richard – The Marryoke from Moving Media Films on Vimeo.

Jonny & Rachels Marryoke – ‘Marry You’


Filmed at Pendley Manor near Tring, this is Jonny & Rachel’s wedding Marryoke. Choosing the Glee version of the Bruno Mars hit ‘Marry You’ was an inspired sing-a-long choice and with knock out performances from the Bride, Groom and guests really help make this marryoke one of the best we’ve ever filmed.

Jonny & Rachel’s Marryoke – ‘Marry You’ from Moving Media on Vimeo.