Lisa & Luke


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These shots sum up what was an absolutely stunning day filming Lisa and Luke at St Michaels Manor Hotel. With so much going on we certainly had our work cut out shooting everything from belly dancers to the amazing evening sparkler display. Here’s the finished film, congratulations guys, you were awesome.

Lisa & Luke – Short Form Wedding Film from Moving Media Films on Vimeo.

Here’s a sneaky peek at their marryoke. Partly shot in advance of the day as part of our Hollywood Package and premiered on the night, this is ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’

Marc & Emma’s International Marryoke

Two hundred degrees, thats why they call me Mr Fahrenheit………..

When Laura, Emma’s sister called and pitched her idea of a surprise marryoke I immediately knew I had to film it. The idea was simple, shoot Emma’s friends and family performing Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen and then get relatives from overseas to send in some of the lines which I would then edit into the finished film.

Skip forward six months and just a few days before the wedding I was still tweaking the video, making sure it was perfect for the screening at Marc and Emma’s stunning wedding in France. It was worth it, everyone was blown away and it was a complete hit with all who saw it.

Tommo & Suse – The Ultimate Marryoke

Shot at Haileybury College in Hertford Heath and edited on the same day, this is Tommo and Suse’s ‘Ultimate Marryoke’. Filming just the marryoke allowed us to get a bit more creative with the shots, choreographing scenes to make this one of the best marryoke’s we’ve ever done.

Tommo & Suse – The Ultimate Marryoke from Moving Media Films on Vimeo.