Lucy & Tom

The very best bits from Lucy and Tom’s wedding, presented in a web exclusive super cinematic widescreen format for your viewing pleasure. Set to L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole, this is the entire day from the bridal preparations through to the couple leaving for the reception in two and a half minutes.



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Amanda & John

Check out this sneak peak at John and Amanda’s love story, exclusive to our Hollywood package. Originally planned to be shown on a cinema screen the evening of the wedding, this version features a same day edit of the wedding highlights as well as a superb marryoke, all edited at Brockett Hall in about 5 hours. This was always going to be a challenge but we pulled out all the stops and managed to complete it with just 10 minutes to spare, only cutting out the interviews to save time. The reaction was nothing short of sensational and went down well with the assembled guests, laughing and cheering all the way to the end.

What you see here is the original cut with the interviews restored and includes both the marryoke and a slightly tweaked best bits.



Copyright Moving Media 2012