Here at Moving Media we like to reward our current and future customers and with that in mind we created our rewards and incentives program.

Tradition has it so that most couple’s look for and book their photographer before their videographer, if they even book videography. We are here to break tradition. The future is based around video. Popular sites like Facebook, Vimeo and many more show that we are more captivated by seeing a moving image than spend hours pouring over photos.

Our focused creative team of storytelling professionals live for the opportunity to tell the story of your wedding day. We’re passionate about it. We want the best and we want it to mean something. We also offer pretty decent incentives sweeten the deal, take a look.

Wedding Videography Booking Incentives:

  • Book 12 months or more before your wedding date = 10% off *
  • Book 6-12 months before your wedding date = 5% off *
  • Book 3-6 months before your wedding date = 2% off *

Wedding Videography Referral Rewards Program:

  • Hollywood Short Form Cinematic Package Referral/Booking = £50
  • Cannes Package Referral/Booking = £35
  • Sundance Package Referral/Booking = £25

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